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  • Registered financial services provider.
  • Was established and registered in 2015 as a wealth management company.
  • Is 100% Black owned and operated as such.
  • Refiloe wealth is a level 1 BEE
  • Specializes in personal and commercial short-term insurance, providing risk solutions for organisations, medium and small businesses and individuals clients.



    Prides itself in:

    • Holistic approach to problem solving through risk management principles.
    • Capacity to services a variety of clients nationwide.
    • Qualified personnel with experience in the services offered.
    • Professional Competence and membership of professional bodies.
    • Emerging company with 100% equity by PDI’s.
    • Diversity of Association.
    • Quality services and client satisfaction.
    • Personal attention by management.

    has access to 14 Major insurance providers and wealth of experience in risk management. This makes us confident to providing tailor made risk solutions just for you and your business. Refiloe Wealth boast a variety of markets from individual clients, from SMMEs to large businesses offering tailor made risk solutions to a constant evolving economic and environmental climate. Refiloe Wealth is client centric, and our existence is dependent on us providing excellent service.


To become a leading company in the provision of informed personal, commercial and specialised Risk management services in SA specialising in risk solution in both personal and commercial short-term insurance services. To be global visionaries and risk solutions provider, as well as an insurance broker of choice.


To provide quality products and services to our customers by:


  • Delivery within budget constraints.
  • In time service delivery.
  • Meeting client’s requirements in terms of technical performance.
  • Ensure low life cycle costs.


All the above is done with consideration to:


  • Statutory requirements.
  • Environmental regulations.
  • Professional Ethics.
  • Business Ethics.
  • Social responsibility
  • By-law’s regulations


 To contribute to economic empowerment of Pdi’s and women in particular:


  • Training and Development.
  • Transfer of skills and experience.
  • Create employment.


To ensure continuous improvement in business processes